DJI S1000 & S900  propeller guard

We need to attach propeller guard for drone in some situations. But it seems there are no propeller guard for DJI S1000 sold from a manufacturer. So I made them by myself.  I repeated an experimental production by 3D printer, then ordered reprint to professional plastic formation manufacturer and completed.

  1set left.

I accept an order by build-to-order.  Usually it takes about 1 month to complete from your order. Theyfll fit for DJI S100{ (new type) perfectly.For S1000 Premiereiold type),  youfll need some processing, making new holes and shaving.

Why did I need propeller guard for DJI-S1000?  About Japanese law for drone

It was OK to be held for S900.  because S900 has same propeller diameter with S1000.

hooking the claw

use Tie-wrap


For easy carriage, I made the propeller guards by removable system.@

To mount quickly and certainly, this system uses Tie-wrap.

By using Tie-wrap, it becomes possible to take 2 minutes to mount 8 propeller guards and check them ready to fly.

ATTENTION on the handling

ETo raise the strength, they are made by ABS resin united formation.
EIt is possible to be transformed over 70.
EBe careful so that it doesn't become too hot. Keep in the shade, avoid the @@direct sunlight, especially at the midsummer.
EDo not keep them in the place which becomes hot remarkably.

CHECK before fright

iPjWATCH CHECK of the clearance
After mounting all the propeller guards, turn each propeller guard by your hand. Check if they have enough clearance between each propeller guards,  between propeller and propeller guard. And check if they have all uniform clearance.

iQjBENCH TEST on the ground
Test on the ground before making S1000 with propeller guards fly actually. Put the weight on the skid and make sure that the S1000 won't move up. Start a motor and turn the propellers on the ground. Raise the revolution gradually. (Just be careful not to raise the revolution too much and too quickly. You could make damage on the fuselage or the motor. )  Check how the propeller guards move. No resonance, ready to fly.


Material : ABS resin united formation

Weight : 83g({|1g)/each

Width : 400mm


10,000/each {Consumption TAXi8%j{Shipping charge
For example 10,000~8{6,400 (TAX){5,000 (SHIPPING)@= TOTAL 91,400 (JPY)
91,400 (JPY) = 817.21 (USD) 2017 May late


PayPal or Transfer money to my Japanese bank(SHINSEI BANK, LTD)

SHIPPMENT (Overseas) 

By EMS   Check the Areas available
EMS RATES@i1 set of Propeller guard = about below 2kgj

photographer : Ichiro Sakai ( Tokyo Japan )