About Japanese law for drone

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Why did I make propeller guard for DJI-S1000?

Because I simply needed it.
There were no ready-made product. So I made it myself.

  Flying drone over specific areas and under specific conditions are regulated in Japan !

< Process to pass the drone law in Japan >

In April 2015, a drone with a small amount of radiation was found on the roof of the prime minister's office, leading to the arrest of a man. The Japanese government needed to regulate drone in response to concerns that the unmanned aircraft could be used to carry out terrorist attacks. They worked out a draft bill to ban drones from flying over crowded urban areas as well as during nighttime. This law about drone was carried out  in Japan 2015/12/10. When violated,  a fine is for less than 500,000 yen. There are some arrested.

< Japan Drone Law Contents >

Banned Areas

● In the sky of National important facilities (the Diet Building and prime minister's official residence etc..) and the nuclear power plant.
   Tokyo ctiy center (PDF)

● Around the airport and over crowded urban areas.
(see the map)

  Japanese urban area Map 
Red is Banned area.

  Japanes airport   (PNG)

● Airspace more than 150 m.

Banned Conditions

● Nighttime flight.(After sunset)
● Flight in watch outside. (In the case when the pilot cannot watch drone directly.)
● Within the 30m of someone and  a property of someone (building, car and so on).
● In the sky of festival and event. (The event which an unspecified number of people gathers.)
● Transportation of dangerous goods of an explosive.
● Drop of something from a drone.

* Only when the airspace which doesn't apply to the above, the drone flight in Japan is possible.
* But we also have local regulations besides. For example, the drone is prohibited in all parks in Tokyo and a fine is less than 50,000 yen. When we want to operate drone, we need the site administrator’s confirmation in Japan.

*This Drone Law doesn't apply to less than 200 grams of drone. But the Aerial Law in Japan is applied to small drones (less than 200g) too.

< Permit to fly drone beyond the above regulation >

We need to obtain a special permit to fly drone in the banned areas and under the banned conditions above mentioned.
To obtain the permit, we need to apply for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. We sometimes need the confirmation of the airport office control, site administrator and the police to apply for.

 To apply for the permit, it’s necessary to satisfy the following matter.

● The pilot’s flight experience for more than 10 hours. (Need to show the proved form.)
● Liability insurance.
● The lifeguard when flying drone.
● Attachment of a propeller guard. (When fly over crowded urban areas,  within the 30m of someone and someone’s property, and in the sky of the festival and the event)
● Manual of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
  www.mlit.go.jp  ←PDF (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism )
(Japanese only, use google translation.)
● An application

It takes about 2 weeks to apply to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
It is quite complicated to obtain this permit. The application vicarious execution can be used with fee.

< About Radio Law >

2.4GHz radio wave is generally used to operate drone in Japan, which is same with Wifi radio wave. A picture transmitter in 5GHz area is sold, but 5GHz is permitted only on the ground, not in the air in Japan. Using 5GHz in the air would be illegal and be a fine for less than 1,000,000 yen at the present. (Jan,2017)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

< Attention about the tourist spot > 

We have various local regulations in Japan about drone.

Drone is mostly banned in such places.
・Besides all parks in Tokyo, many parks in various areas.
・Many tourist spot and public speaces.
・Especially over the National important cultural asset and World Heritage asset.

November 17, 2016. A drone collided with World Heritage Himeji-castle and fell. It was second time that a drone fell in Himeji castle. It was reported big in Japan. It was said that this drone was operated by the foreign group. In Himeji castle drone is banned and noticed on the board. It was reported there were two foreign groups which operated drone in Himeji castle this day . One was Asian group and the other was Europeans and Americans.
There were some guard staff and paid attention to them.

If you don’t understand Japanese, you may not  know where you cannot fly drone. But it is mostly certain that it is banned at a place with a lot of people gathering in Japan nowadays. Please confirm if it’s OK to fly before you operate drone in the sky. You may need public permit or the site administrator’s confirmation.

All above is the present regulation about the drone in Japan 2017 January.

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